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What does it mean to be a Certified Contractor?

It means that you can grow your business without ever needing to hire a salesman. You can grow your business without ever needing to invest in an office and advertising. You do not have to build and maintain a website or become a social media expert. You will be able to grow your business spending your time doing what you are best at. We will handle the rest.


We are a group of sub-contractors. We really believe that we are each the best at our trades. Before we started the group, we were all making fine livings and we were always busy. Some of us already had web sites and would sell projects to friends, family or referrals. But most of our time was spent sub-contracting for large companies. Most of our work came from Home builders and Remodeling Contractors. We continue to sub-contract for some of them today. We have worked for some great contractors and over the years we have seen a lot of not so great contractors. Until now it was virtually impossible to compete with the large contractors, but technology has arrived and changed everything.


Once certified, you will instantly have a web site, a salesforce, financing for your customers and be part of a team of contractors just like you. Alone we are each small to mid-sized contractors. Together, we can compete with the biggest and the best out there.


We are very careful of who we will allow to join our group. We have each spent years of hard work and sacrifice building our reputations. Our group will only be as strong as our weakest member. Every Certified Contractor has a reputation of being honest, dependable, a true craftsman, and an expert at their trade. If this describes you, we would love to meet you.

Basic requirements:

  • Minimum of 10 years verifiable experience
  • Minimum of 100 verifiable completed projects
  • 10 personal references
  • 10 professional and or trade references
  • General Liability insurance
  • State license when applicable (electrician, plumbing, HVAC etc.


I am interested in becoming a certified contractor.


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